As yutes, Gideon shot super 8 films in his backyard, Eyal was Huckleberry Finn on Israeli TV, and Jim created box office spreadsheets on weekends for his studio exec dad.  

As responsible adults, they moved onto the big bad worlds of oil, tech, and media.  

SMASH CUT TO: years later, fate brings these gents together to do what they really love.  

TADMOR is born.

Now we are a one stop shop for auteur driven projects in film and television. Develop, produce, finance, whatever it takes to bring innovative stories to the screen, where they belong.


Gideon Tadmor
Founder and Chairperson

Gideon, in addition to his work as a film producer, has over 25 years of extensive experience initiating and managing oil and gas exploration and production projects worldwide. He is also active in international real estate development projects, and has served for the last 20 years as a director in different real estate and advanced financial product companies.

Eyal Rimmon

Eyal oversees all creative aspects of Tadmor as lead producer. He launched his film career as the right-hand man to Alexander Salkind (original Superman films) and went on to produce The Quiet American (2002), Zandalee (1991), and Lobsterman From Mars (1989). His credits with Tadmor include Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, American Ultra (2015), Swiss Army Man (2016), Junction 48 (2016), and Summer '03 (2018).

Jim Kaufman

Jim oversees all business aspects of Tadmor.  He is also the founder and CEO of Tryline Advisors, where he advises early stage companies on strategy, scaling, and financial management.  Jim is a successful entrepreneur and media executive who built and ran RISE, a high school sports media company, before selling it to ESPN.  He has returned to his roots in the film industry where he previously spent several years at Fox and Loews Cineplex Entertainment.

Racheli Sternberg
Creative Executive

Racheli is responsible for development at Tadmor. She started her career working at the National Theatre, London. She was assistant producer on the blockbuster show War Horse and a script reader for the NT’s Literary Department. She then worked as a freelance producer and dramaturge, collaborating with artists across a wide range of disciplines.

Rena Sapon-White
Creative Executive

Rena is responsible for development at Tadmor, and oversees many elements of production as part of the creative team. She also heads The Distillery Creative Lab. She began her career as a producer and director of documentaries and music videos. Her first feature documentary, Paradisus: The Thousandth Year (2014), set in Poland, was awarded a Nagle Award for significant achievement in broadcast journalism. At Tadmor, she was Associate Producer of Summer '03 (2018).

Analise McNeill
Head of TV Development

Analise oversees TV development at Tadmor. She started in talk show on The Bonnie Hunt Show, before moving to one hour drama on ABC's Brothers & Sisters, a family drama starring Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, and Rob Lowe. She then honed her skills in the children's television world as a producer, writer, and development executive at Nick Jr. (Viacom). As a writer, she wrote the Fresh Beat Band of Spies' Christmas special "Christmas 2.0" which was chosen as a Kids' Pick in TV Guide. In 2017 she served as Executive in Charge of Development and Current at Nick Jr., overseeing Blues Clues as well as two current series.